NBFK Utstilling 2019

NBFK holder utstilling i Drammen Hundepark søndag 29.sept.2019  Frist: 1/9-2019

                                                      Stor CERT for Bichon Frisé

NBFK ønsker Velkommen til  Liliane De Ridder-Onghena, Dommer spesial utstilling 2019

My wonderful association with dogs began in 1966.  Together with my late husband Frans De Ridder, we bought a dalmatian Pluto.  He was the classical beginnersfault: no pedigre and later on we had to realize he was deaf as well.
His wonderful temerament let us decide to have more dalmatians (but non 101...) and we imported some english dogs, started to show very successfully and we applied for our kennel name “Irdally”.  Under this prefix we have bred quite a number of champions.  Later on the team expanded with the addition of Irish wolfhounds and than you will understand our kennel name.
Begin of 1990 I developped a strong interest in a Belgian Breed, the Brussels Griffon, and espcially the smooth haired variety (Petit Brabançon)
I don’t show any longer, but still have a Brussels Griffon and and Belgian Griffon, both whom provide great fun.
I have a world famous fine art porcelain collection of all kinds of dalmatian figurines, a result of selective searching for more than 50 years.
I applied to become a judge in 1973 and in 1996 I became Belgium’s first female All Rounder.  I have judged extensively, including assignments on all continents and I have been honoured to judge my beloved breeds in different World shows.
I am the chairman of the Belgian Chihuahua club and also for the Royal Griffon and Papillon club.  I am chairman of the Belgian Breeds Standard commission.  I was the first chairman of the Irish Wolfhound club and a founding member of the Belgian Junior handling club.  I am the Vice chairman of Wafdal ‘'(World organisation of dalmatian clubs) and chairman of the Standard Commission of the Belgian Kennel club.  With the Royal Belgian Dalmatian club I was involved more than 40 years – first as Editor, than as their chairman.  since last year I am their president.
The first proposals to create a new standard for your breed were taken in my home in 1994 (!!!!) and finally I received a copy of the new standard at de European dog Show in Brussels august 2016.  As this standard is a franco – belge breed, both countries had to agree on all proposals.
I really look forward to see your dogs!
Best regards
Liliane De Ridder – Onghena, BE